Today in Vancouver, a Living Wage is $20.10 / hour (CCPA). But the minimum wage in BC, and therefore Vancouver, is only $10.25 - barely half the Living Wage!

Bring in a $15 Local Minimum Wage, starting with big chains stores and hotels.

We’ll seek to amend the Vancouver Charter to do this. Progressive parties have won a $15 minimum wage in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, and we can do it too. Companies actually lose money by paying their workers starvation wages because of high turnover and poor performance. We’ll work with other cities in the region to bring in Living Wage policies as well.

Implement a Living Wage Policy for all City staff and contractors immediately.

Under a COPE government, the City of Vancouver will take leadership by ensuring that no City employee or contractor makes less than the Living Wage. The cost will be minimal, as the City of New Westminster showed when they brought in the policy in 2011.