COPE Challenges Vision's Injunction

September 29th, 2014

The Coalition of Progressive Electors continues to stand in solidarity with the tenants of Oppenheimer Park and supports the challenge by Pivot Legal Society to the City of Vancouver’s injunction to evict the campers. 

Vision Vancouver is forcing the tenants of Oppenheimer Park into unsafe conditions by breaking up the camp without adequate housing in place. The injunction is seeking to evict all campers from the Park, where there are still hundreds of people residing in some 230 tents. 

The 70 new temporary shelter beds being offered by Vision Vancouver to house displaced campers is far too few beds to satisfy the needs of the camp. Additional temporary housing has been identified downtown to supplement the 70 beds, but this housing will not be available for at least another month while the eviction will be effective immediately, leaving potentially hundreds of Oppenheimer tenants homeless in the meantime. 

“The most important issue has always been safe, clean, affordable homes now,” said Audrey Siegl, COPE candidate for City Council. “This homelessness crisis that we are experiencing comes from a lack of action by the City to address the housing situation. People in the camp are taking matters into their own hands to create a safe environment out of necessity.”

“We need homes and permanent solutions to this housing crisis.”