Meena Wong wins mayoral debate

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Today at the CBC Vancouver mayoral debate, Meena Wong was the clear winner. Wong presented the best solutions to address housing affordability and transit woes. She also showed that COPE is the alternative people are hoping for.

The debate began with Wong saying that housing is too expensive and incomes are too low. In response, Robertson apologized for his failure.

While a desperate Robertson begged for the support of COPE voters, the plea fell flat as Wong demonstrated a superior grasp of the city’s problems and solutions.

In turn, Meena Wong looked into the camera and talked directly to Vision voters:

“I’m asking Vision voters - come home to COPE, vote your conscience - this is your chance to make Vancouver affordable,” said Wong.

On the issues, Wong presented a clear alternative to Vision. Meena Wong stood up for tenants, promising to ban renovictions. Wong highlighted that this election Vision took over $200,000 from corporations who are notorious for renovictions.

Wong stood up for protecting our city’s affordable housing stock, noting that Vision took over $1,000,000 from real estate corporations this election. She warned that under Vision, Grandview-Woodland will become a new Coal Harbour. Only COPE will stop Vision’s condo plan for Commercial Drive.

Wong presented an exciting plan for winning the transit referendum. She said we need to make transit more affordable by expanding the UPass program to Vancouver and other cities. That’s how to get the people excited about the referendum: it’s not just about addressing existing demand, but boldly expanding ridership and service to take a real dent out of carbon emissions.

Meena Wong: “This election we have a clear choice: do we want housing to be affordable for Vancouverites, or simply profitable for developers?”

“COPE won the debate today, don’t let the big corporations win on Saturday. If you vote your conscience, you will win.”

Backgrounder: Vision funded largely by real estate corporations

Major funders of the Vision campaign operate real estate development companies that are destroying Vancouver’s affordable neighbourhoods, through renovictions and redevelopment.

According to Vision’s campaign finance records released last week:

In Grandview-Woodland, Vision took $25,000 from Solterra, the corporation that evicted the Waldorf last year. Can we trust Vision to protect this heritage site?

In the West End, Vision took $25,000 from Gordon Nelson, the corporation behind renovictions at the Seafield Apartments - that’s where the terms ‘renovictions’ was coined.

In Marpole, Vision took $75,000 from the corporations behind Marine Gateway Towers.

In Mount Pleasant, Vision took $34,500 from Rize, the corporation behind the massive towers project at Main and Broadway.

In Little Mountain, Vision took $75,00 from Holborn, the company that destroyed Little Mountain’s affordable housing development.

In the Downtown Eastside, Vision took $30,150 from corporations that turned Burns Block into luxury “microlofts.’