COPE Reveals Financing for 2014 to date, challenges Vision to reveal 2012/2013 developer contributions

For Immediate Release
November 4th, 2014: COPE revealed today that the electoral organization raised $18,440 from unions and $200 from one corporation so far in 2014. Individual donations over $100 made up $28,065. Donations under $100 totaled $13,409. The total so far in 2014 is $60,114.
COPE challenges Vision Vancouver to reveal party donations from 2012 and 2013. Elections BC only requires disclosure of contributions from January 1st, 2014-November 15th, 2014 and there are no campaign spending limits.
"People are calling money raised outside of election years “dark money” because it never sees the light of public scrutiny,” said COPE candidate for mayor, Meena Wong. “I challenge Gregor Robertson to reveal Vision’s dark money donations from non-election years.”
COPE’s platform, created by and voted on by COPE members, calls for tough municipal election campaign finance reform. A COPE government will enact limits on the amount individual entities can donate to municipal political parties, and limit the amount individuals and parties can spend during an election.

View COPE's list of Union, Corporate, and Individual donations over $100.