Vision’s newest endorser is PR spin doctor for tankers

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November 6th, 2014:

This morning Vision Vancouver held a press conference to highlight an important endorsement from former NPA president Michael Davis. 

Vision’s newest endorser is the public relations spin doctor for tankers. On February 6th, 2013, Davis published an open letter to the shipping industry, calling on them to do better in their communications efforts against environmentalists.

“So the marine sector is rarely in the public eye. Only disaster makes it into the mainstream news. All Joe Public sees is the tanker spewing oil and the pathetic birds dying in goo. We who know the industry protest against the unfair portrayal and wonder why, when we come to controversy, perceptions are so negative,” wrote Davis in the open letter to the shipping industry.

“Vision’s warm acceptance of this endorsement from tanker PR specialist Michael Davis makes it clear that Vision’s commitment to environmental principles is only skin deep,” said Meena Wong, COPE mayoral candidate.