This is why COPE doesn’t take money from real estate developers

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November 7th, 2014

On November 6th, 2014 Vision Vancouver released its campaign donations for 2014. The same day, in an effort to divert attention from their funders, they sued the NPA for defamation. 

COPE refuses to be distracted by the American-style campaign tactics of Vision and the NPA, including their shallow ads funded by real estate money.

COPE does not accept money from real estate developers for a simple reason: receiving donations from property developers puts the mayor and city councillors in a position of a serious perceived or real conflict of interest. 

According to Vision’s own books, the majority of their funding comes from real estate corporations. That’s the reality behind the smiling face of Vision Vancouver. 

Quotes from Meena Wong: 
“Who do you trust to take tough action on renovictions? COPE, or Vision who took $25,000 from Gordon Nelson, who made the news for mass renovictions at Seafield Apartments in the West End? Vision also took thousands from Steven Lippman and his companies that are wholescale ‘renovicting’ hotels in the DTES.” 

“Who do you trust to represent the community at Main and Broadway? COPE, or Vision who took $34,500 from the Rize Corporation, the corporation that wants spot rezoning for a luxury condo tower? And do you want Commercial and Broadway to have 20 luxury condo towers in four years?”

“Who do you trust to make decisions for the people at Little Mountain? COPE, or Vision who took $75,000 from Holborn Holdings, the corporation that is redeveloping the site after evicting hundreds of families from social housing?”

“Whenever you hear or see a Vision Vancouver attack ad, remember who is paying for it - real estate corporations who want to make Vancouver unaffordable.”